Announcement of The Week…

I find a lot of beautiful images from WeHeartIt.com and decided it was time I joined!  It’s already quite addictive and I can’t stop ‘hearting’ pictures.  There must be millions of wonderful and inspiring images on that site.  Anyway, if you get a chance follow me and let’s share heart-warming pics!



Image of The Week…

Love them. I look at them more than I wear them though. Bought from New Look 🙂 My Favs ❤


…Human Of The Week…

The other day at Uni, my friends and I were talking about who we thought was the most beautiful woman in the world.  Now I know to say someone is the ‘most’ anything in the world is easily falsifiable unless I’ve met every single human being! (Yes that is a dig at FHM’s yearly rankings as the most beuatiful woman in the world probably lives in a poor country that no-one has heard of…) But anyway, I digress…  I decided without hesitation that the most beautiful woman I know of is Kristen Stewart.  The other girls laughed and couldn’t understand why I hadn’t chosen Beyonce or Megan Fox etc.  But as everyone always says, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I really feel that Kristen’s natural perfection shines beyond anyone else I have seen.

With that, I dedicate my weekly Human award to her beauty…


Perfect x




Lol of The Week.

So I’ve tried and tried to make my nails look beautiful with Nail Rock nail stickers (from Boots)…and have failed. Quite epically as you can see from the photo. I follow the instructions carefully and have watched a few YouTube videos but I still can’t grasp it. Anyone else finding them really difficult to get right?

Let me know guys! What am I doing wrong? *sigh*




Image Of The Week…

Converse Trainer Nails… My next challenge 🙂 Love them Nancy (: