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Declaring My Love-Doug Hyde

Happy Art

Doug Hyde. A favorite artist of mine and many others. He is the Best Selling, Alive UK artist and that really is an achievement!

Art, to me, is one of the most pleasing pass-times there is and doing it successfully as a career anywhere is hard! Art is renowned for being a bad career choice. It is a struggle to get noticed and whilst trying to do so, money is tight.

Also, there is a common belief that you are only appreciated when dead.  Personally, I don’t think that’s true and Mr. Hyde is an example of otherwise.

If you are yet to discover him, do so now!



I think I know why he and his work are so successful. His art really does make you smile back! Not only are his characters and style of painting heart-warming, in nearly every piece of work someone is smiling! Research has shown that if you are smiled at, by a stranger or someone you know, you are highly likely to smile back. Maybe, just maybe, the same thing is happening around Doug’s canvasses. It may be that you cannot help but smile back at his lovely smiling characters, making you feel happy. If people associate your work with happiness, you’re onto a winner!

I love painting in acrylics. I have done a few personal copies of Doug Hyde’s work and have very much enjoyed creating them. Below are photo’s of canvases I have painted and hung in my living room.

My Neighbourhood Watch

In my living room

Another piece by me

He is an inspiring artist and his work makes me want to get paintbrush to canvas!  I am saving for an original canvas piece of his. I know his work will not stop reaching people across the world, increasing his deserved success. His has recently returned from a tour in Japan which totally sold out. He is loved everywhere!

I will continue to follow this artist and I hope he continues to make everyone smile!  😀

My World-Doug Hyde

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If you have Tight Curly hair, you will know there is near to no help out there for us.  How often should we wash it?  What products should we use?  How do we comb it?  Nobody knew and the majority of us just did ‘what we could’ with it.  For myself and sister, this usually meant scraping it back into a bun before smothering it with gel.  Our hair didn’t grow and so the only option left was to start straightening it.

A few weeks ago, I searched ‘products for mixed-race hair’ and was amazed at the result I finally found.  At first, a list of the usual products popped up.  These included S.Curl and SofnFree.  Products I have tried before and have done nothing but turn my hair into a nice-smelling, greasy mess.  Scrolling down further I found a link to a discussion on curly hair on a blog.  Other curly-haired people were discussing products that did and didn’t work for them.  Reading further into their discussion I saw a repeated link to another site.  I clciked on this link and it may be the best site I ever visit!


This site belongs to an inspirational woman.  Teri LaFlesh.  Click on the above link to learn how to treat curls.  I only wish I’d known of Teri when I was younger!  You will too.  Visiting her site showed me how and where I’d been going wrong all these years.  She has detailed information and tips on how to manage our unique hair.  Instructions given are ideas I have never considered before but work! Teri discovered all of this on her own through years of experimenting.  An example is leaving conditioner in!  On every bottle of conditioner you could get your hands on, it would instruct you to ‘rinse thoroughly’ after use.  Teri suggests otherwise.  Condition your hair generously and do not rinse it out.  Now take your comb and use it to gently untangle knots.  When finished, all excess conditioner will have disappeared.  I tried this, and as Teri said, my curls were left defined, shiny and best of all manageable!

My hair did not grow because of breakage. When I used to comb my hair, quite mercilessly, I could actually hear it snapping. This damage was doing my curls no good and was the reason it always remained short. I have been shown how to eliminate this breakage. No breakage, no damage, longer curls!

Look her up and you will be amazed and pleased at what she has to offer.  From recommended products to a timeline of her personal photos, you will leave her site feeling very educated and grateful.

Teri has the most amazing, long and beautiful curls. She is living proof that her own regimes work. I personally have never seen tight curls so healthy and long. She has helped me understand my curls and them and I have a friendlier relationship. I hope her name and findings spread to many more curly-haired people so that they too can be inspired and helped. Tight curls are beautiful and different. Ditch the straighteners and let’s all go back to natural hair, now that we know what to do with it!

Teri LaFlesh!

…Pass it on!

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…And so the dreaded day finally came, and went!

Thursday the 19th of August.

A day that was marked in black on my calender.  Dooms day.  The day I and many others received my A level results.  I woke up, feeling as nervous as the next University-hopeful, got changed and made the scary journey to my sixth form.  I felt sick after watching hugely confident students open their A’s LIVE on BBC news!

The funny thing, I thought, was that the Universities we had applied for had received our results on Monday.  They already knew if our places were to be confirmed or not.  UCAS track updated with this information at midnight!  This means the majority of us could have logged on and saw the University replies before even getting our results!  Crazy.  I was in no way brave enough to do that though!  I mean if I had seen an ‘Unsuccessful’ I would not have slept a wink that night!

I reached sixth form to find no-one.  Teachers had packed up and left and no students could be seen.  To be honest it was near 12:30 and most people were leaving the house to get theirs at 7:00!  I was a little late.  I found a nice teacher with my results and was over the moon to see I had passed all!  My final A level results after three painful years (a retake year included) were ACE.  A being in Psychology.  The most enjoyable subject I have ever studied.  It isn’t the three A*s some folks got, but it gets me where I want to be.  I was so happy I cried because my journey had come to a happy end.  I left the High School I had attended for 8 years, smiling!

I know there has been an increase in the A level pass rate, meaning a lot of happy students will be celebrating tonight.  They will get to go to the Uni of their choice and continue pursuing their dreams.  Myself one of them.  Sadly, I know there are a lot of unhappy and disappointed people out there today and can appreciate how they must feel.  The 19th of August has been a life-changing day for many around the UK.  I am pleased to say a terrifying morning turned into a ‘YESS!!’ afternoon.

We can all sigh a loud sigh of relief.
As one journey ends…a new one begins.

To all the students who got A level results today!  🙂

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