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Obtained from Supplyant.com

Honestly, what a waste of my life.  So, Thursday, I shop online and order 3 items of clothing.  I pay for standard delivery, 3-5 days.  I had no University lectures all week so I knew I would be home whenever my parcel arrived.  On Monday at around 5pm, I got bored of waiting and decided to go out for a while.  (By this time, everyone else was back and so it was a full-house).  When I got into the porch, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a little green slip of cardboard, with large H, D, N and L letters on it.  ‘What the-?’  I thought.  I have literally been in the living room all day, I have purposely kept quiet (no music, TV on low volume), just in case of the delivery.  In no way could anyone have rang my doorbell, or flicked my letterbox!  I am not deaf (and neither are my family!) and would most certainly have been aware if someone had made a true attempt to deliver my parcel!  The sneaky so-and-so must have simply been ‘too rushed’ to attempt the delivery and instead silently slipped a ‘SORRY WE MISSED YOU.’ card through my door.  Mad, I called HDNL and informed them of the slacker.  As I thought, they didn’t believe me, insisting we must have misheard the door.  Humph!  Anyway, I was able to rearrange the delivery for the following day; Tuesday.

Tuesday came and at 6pm, I was wondering where this delivery man was.  I kept checking the porch to see if I had mysteriously gone deaf again but there was nothing.  HDNL say they deliver from 7am-7pm and 7pm was approaching!  Mad again, I called HDNL, asking them if they were sure it was coming today… Surprise, Surprise, it wasn’t.  Apparently, there had been a fault with the system, Redelivery had been selected, yet the parcel was marked down as ‘at Depot’.  I was apologised to and asked to go and pick up the parcel from my local depot on Wednesday.  Whatever, I thought.  At least I’ll have it tomorrow…

Wednesday.  More drama!  After finally finding, ‘my local depot’, I got to the desk with my ID and my slip and my blooming reference number…(All the documentation I’d need to go abroad!) and thrust them at the half-dead looking HDNL person.  He grumbled something, disappeared and returned ten minutes later with something else to make me Mad.  ‘I’m sorry but your parcel cannot be found.  It may be that the sticker has fallen off.  A depot search will be carried out tonight.  Searches take 12hrs.  If we do not find it we will have to contact the sender so you can be reimbursed’.  I had to leave before I did or said something I would deeply regret in the jail cell I would be in the next morning. 

Mad, I phoned the depot the next day (having to search Google for this Top Secret info!)  I asked if they had managed to recover the stolen goods, sorry I mean, if they had managed to find my parcel and of course, the answer was NO.  Not once had anybody said sorry.  Nobody cared an ounce.  Mad, I phoned the store from which I bought the items, informed them of my exhausting experience and asked for the items to be sent again, by a different courier! 

I finally got my clothes on Thursday.  Although I didn’t have to wait weeks, the efforts I went to trying to get someone from HDNL to listen to me was painstaking; like getting blood from a stone.  I wouldn’t mind but I thought I was the customer, you know, the important cog in keeping all businesses running?  After a quick Google search, I was relieved to find I was not the only one angry at this delivery company.  They are hated all over the web.  I now know why and I whenever I shop online, I will always call up and ask if they will refrain from using HDNL to send my goods!

HDNL, I hope to never have to displeasure of dealing with you again!

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Parka in khaki BD5, Parka, N/A 

  This week’s Must-Have is a coat I have fallen in love with.  A Paul’s Boutique Parka.  A Christmas present from my wonderful boyfriend.  The one I have is, in my opinion, the best design they have in this coat.  They have Parkas available in khaki, black or blue.  I personally think Green is the best colour for parker coats.  On the Official Paul’s Boutique website, they have different designs which are available in each of the colours, (subject to availability!).  When I say ‘design’, I mean the large motifs on the sleeves and back differ.  I own the khaki BD005 design.  I love the cherries on each arm and the large motif on the back matches the motif on my PB bag. 😀 

After wearing in it on some of the cruellest cold days this week, I can proudly say, it has kept me perfectly warm!  The sleeves have an elastic cuff inside which prevents drafts, there are 3 different sets of pockets to hide your hands in and the hood!…The hood is to die for.  I couldn’t even hear my boyfriend talking to me when I had that up!  It is a pricey piece of outerwear at £141 (I know a random number…damn you VAT increase!) but its quality makes it money very well spent!

Let me know what you think…

Photos taken from Paul’s Boutique Official Website.

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