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.HOTW. .Kings Of Leon.

My Humans of the week have to be the mighty KOL.  I am mixed-race and predominantly love Hip-Hop and R&B (in a non-stereotypical type of way)!  However, Kings of Leon have simply taken over and become my favourite music artists in history!


Although I do enjoy a lot of their older, less popular songs, my two current favourites have to be Use Somebody and Pyro.  I think Pyro wins by a few inches!  Rock/Indie usually isn’t my thing and I’m usually more into the likes of Drake, Usher, Lil Wayne…so for these guys to take over me is quite shocking – but in a good way!

So, with that, I’ll leave you with the video of their bestest sound yet (in my eyes/ears)…if you haven’t heard it already…shame on you 🙂

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If you do a lot of internet shopping, you could really benefit from the magical site, TopCashBack.  This was introduced to me by my auntie and I use it everytime I purchase something from a website. 

 Visit the site, register and then save the page to your favourites.  In the TopCashBack (TCB) search bar, type in the name of the online store or the product you are looking for.  Follow the link to your chosen site.  TCB will now open a new window, with the website you want to visit.  That’s all you have to do!  Just ensure you entered your site via TCB! 

Then, when you have bought something, cash-back will accumulate in your account automatically!  The amount of cash-back depends on the store but TCB will clearly indicate the percentages of money back you get.  It is 100% free with no strings attached or hidden charges!  TCB are reimbursed by the company you buy from.  

I have had my account for 4 months now and I am proud to say I have accumulated £26 of cashback!  It may not seem like a lot to some people but it’s my money that I have had returned to me, for free!  I don’t think I’d ever buy online again without going through TCB first, it’s great!  Why would I ever buy something online again without getting a little something back?  Also, in some cases you don’t even have to part with your own money to get paid.  I have earned £5.17 by simply getting ‘quotes’ from GoCompare.com!  I filled in my details, put the details of a made up car in, (usually a BMW or Merc), laughed at the prices…and got paid for it! 

It does take a while for the money to reach your account, (6 weeks usually), but this is because TCB have to be paid by each store first.  However, I can honestly say I have received everything I was ‘owed’.  The process is clearly outlined in the ‘My account’ section and all pay dates are displayed. 

Like I said, if you shop online, whether it be Ebay, ASDA or even renewing insurance, I advise you to check out this site because you really do get something for nothing.  Visit one website for everything and get paid for it.  Happy days!  Let me know how much you earn! 🙂 


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.LOTW. .Flying Cat.

Now, I love animals.  I think I like them more than I do humans!  I love this video and the cute little cat seems to be having a great deal of fun!  I’d try to do this with my cat but she’s too moody and would most likely just run back and attack my ankles.  As usual there has been some YouTube beef.  Some viewers had it down as ‘animal cruelty’ which is laughable!  The cat is running back for more each time, with its tail high in the air!  Take a look 🙂

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When I was younger, I always wondered this.  The sun is phenomenally powerful in providing heat and light.  The earth is very far away from this star and yet we are lit up perfectly in the daytime.  Surely space should be an even hotter and brighter place with it being closer to the sun?  When I took physics A level, I finally learned the answer.  We can only see light when it bounces off an object and enters our eye.  There are no objects in space, it is a vacuum.  Therefore, when light from the sun passes through to us, it hits nothing, meaning we see no rays.  When the light rays meet Earth, light is reflected off the many objects and surfaces, allowing us to see.  Good times!  (Oh and as for heat, the closer you get to the mighty sun, the hotter it gets).

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