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Thanks to RequiemForADream at The Student Room, I found this hilarious video of Charlie Sheen being shamed; nothing new here then!  I’ve never liked the guy, I’ve always found him to be a bit too fond of himself and so I’m sorry if this video offends you…or am I?  Anyway, winning is certainly something he has NOT been doing lately… 🙂

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Must-Have played!… 

Rockstar Games

Woohoo!  So, about 7 years late, I just completed San Andreas for PlayStation2.  Not that I’ve played many games (Sims, other GTAs, Mario and car racing games is about it, lol), but it is the best game I have ever played in my life; I’m 20.  I know, really I do, how embarrassingly late this is for me to realise, but this GTA is the bomb!  Guiding Carl through the missions to avenge his mother’s death strangely helped me to unwind and have great fun!  Yes, I used endless cheats for my weapons and health but I would not have got through if I didn’t.  Many of you may be ashamed at this, but hey, live and let live.  I’m a girl and I’m not too good at PS2 games without cheating. 

My boyfriend has completed the latest GTA for PS3 and that game also seems great.  I feel like buying my own PlayStation3 just so I can play and complete it too.  My bf gave me his old PS2 and I only use it to play Grand Theft Auto!  I am an addict and am about start S.A from scratch because I enjoyed it so much!  My favourite missions have to be the last one, ‘End of the Road’ (I was so glad to finally see Tenpenny dead!) and the one where I had to fly to Liberty City to cause problems in a Bistro.  It was really cool to be able to fly to another ‘land’, one that I had previously explored in GTA Liberty City Stories for PSP. 

I think I love these games so much because it really does allow you to run away to another world and leave your own life behind for a few hours.  The endless detail of the locations, endless places to explore, people to bump into and missions to complete really does provide you with loads to do.  It feels like you’re really there.  And the fact that most of the islands are based on real places in America makes ‘sight-spotting’ fun too!  The radio stations have me singing along while I’m driving from place to place.  I think the best music has to be in Vice City – seriously, I downloaded nearly all the songs from the game!  Vice City also plays the funniest song I think I’ve ever heard.  It’s called Japanese Boy by Aneka and the lyrics go a little something like, ‘Was it something I said? Or done?  That made him pack his bags up and run?’  Lol.  Honestly, I haven’t heard anything like it; there’s a link below.

There has been talk of real simulation games taking over in the future.  Imagine being able to personally and physically enter a GTA game and live out your own story.  Holding the guns, grenades and rocket launchers in your hands, having to run, drive and swim yourself.  Would it still be funny to run over the pedestrians if it was you behind the wheel?  Whoa, I don’t know.  In psychology, we talk about how violent games affect the potential of a game-player to be violent.  It is supposedly OK for us to kill people in games and not be violent in real-life because we know games aren’t real.  We are usually acting through a middle character; Carl in this case.  I wonder though, would we be able to make this distinction (of what is not real and what is) if we were the protagonist in the game?  I’m not sure we would.  As cartoon-like as GTA can be, how much scarier would missions be if it was us that had to do the killing, chasing and kidnapping? 

My Second Home



Even so, I think if it was safe I would love nothing more than to put on my special glasses and enter a GTA city.  As lonely as it may be, I think I’d really enjoy exploring and simply getting away from the real world for a bit.  So, if you ever happen to stumble across my page, brainy game scientists, there is at least one girl who’s waiting for you to invent safe simulating games.  Until then, I will continue to enjoy the GTAs at PSP and PS2 level and I’m not complaining about that at all; they’re great, however late I may be!

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To put it politely, I am sick and tired of hearing about the ‘royal wedding’.

Maybe I’m a cow, maybe I’m being nasty and a spoil sport, but I really, really can’t understand why some people, even people I know well, are getting so excited about two strangers marrying!  They mean absolutely nothing more to me than Katie Price or Peter Andre do.  And did I care about their sham of a wedding?…Did I hell!

My neighbour recently bought a brand-new TV to watch this event.  She has bought a whole set of china with the ‘happy couple’s’ face painted on them.  I would never part with my money for such a ridiculous cause.  Not being nasty, but if this wedding is all you have to look forward to in life, something’s wrong.

“Ohhh but she’s a normal girl you see, that’s why we’re so intrigued!” I hear people say.  Erm, normal?  What’s normal about you if you’re hanging in the same crowds as Prince William?  I thought I was normal but I doubt I will ever see him in person in my life.  She is not ‘normal’, she is just ‘non-royal’!

In my opinion, the only good thing about any of the royals is that they bring tourists to the UK.  They don’t do anything else as far as I’m concerned, except use tax-payers’ money to waste on weddings.  If I hear one more person rattle on about how they ‘do a lot for charity’, I will either cry or hit them.  OF COURSE they do a lot for charity; they’re rich without lifting a finger and they haven’t got anything else to do with their lives but do voluntary work and give out money!  Any normal person in the world would be charitable if they were in the same predicament as the royal family were!  Am I wrong?  If so, let me know…

I’m in no way wishing them harm.  Like any couple, I wish them the best in their marriage.  I just don’t see what they have done to be so special, making constant headlines all around the world.  They’re not Gods yet people are as excited as if Jesus is said to return tomorrow!  I’m just sick and tired of reading about it.  When I think of the royals, I think of how England was one of the last countries to give up slavery.  How did the royals help us then?   My Dad is black and thankfully he agrees with me!

Tomorrow, I will not be waking up at 8.30 am to watch live coverage, I will not be wearing a new out-fit and I will not be partying in the street.  The only good thing about this façade is that it’s classed as a bank holiday and so I’ll get double pay tomorrow at work.  Good times!

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My LOL of The Week has to be Cadbury’s latest Goo Dares, Wins ad.  I love it and if I saw this guy dancing in the lift at my work, I would join in!  I need to do some of these dares myself…it seems such a laugh! 😀

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What’s there to look forward to when Harry, Ron and Hermione go?…

I’ve heard the last (sniff snivel) Harry Potter film is to be released this summer (Deathly Hallows part 2) and I really don’t want it to come.  It has been the greatest set of stories I have ever read/watched and I’m not looking forward to saying goodbye.  It has been cool because Harry and I have aged together.  When he first got accepted to Hogwarts, I was twelve too and every year we have both been at the same stage in our school lives. 

The books are going to be classics and when I have children, I will make sure they have copies! 

Long live Harry Potter!  We’ll Miss All 3 of You!  I hope the last film is the best yet!

PS (Couldn’t find a shot/clip of Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 – apparently it’s too early…)

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For years, I have cussed and turned my nose up at the Twilight saga.  Those who read the books annoyed me and I had no time to listen to their whining over Edward and Jacob.  A few weeks ago, my friend asked me if I wanted to watch the latest film with her on DVD and my reply was ‘Hell no’!  She asked me why I hated Twilight so much and I actually didn’t have an answer.  This shocked me – why did this line of books annoy me so much?  Where had the hate derived from?  I couldn’t remember.  I knew that I did hate the women who walked around in the T-shirts and read the book over and over again and cried at it because ‘they will never meet a guy like Edward in their life’ but I’ll get on to them later. 

Anyway, my friend rightly said, I should not cuss something I have never read or watched and I agreed.  I stole my mom’s copy of Twilight, opened it and closed it, finished in a week.  It was a great read.  It was a great story and I was hooked immediately.  It really tugged at my heartstrings and all the way through I felt so excited for Bella.  I do think every girl would like to be loved as Edward loves Bella.  My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy for getting sucked into it lol.

I am now on book 3, Eclipse.  I read New Moon as quickly as the 1st.  It was also great.  Stephanie Meyer, I am sorry for slating your fantastic romantic tale.  I don’t even want to watch the films because I don’t want to spoil my take on the book (if that makes sense).  For example, the Edward I picture does not look like Robert Pattinson.  No offense to him.  From now on I will try not to be so pre-judging and I will always try something before I voice such strong opinions. 

However, the women and girls who take Twilight to extremes really do need to return the real world and get a life.  There are actually very nice guys out there that will love and treat you like a princess.  But Twilight is a story – a fictional one.  Life is up and down and so are relationships.  I love my boyfriend and have been with him for 6 years.  Our relationship is not like Bella and Edward’s but I love him as much as Bella loves Edward.    I’m only saying this because there are endless forums for women to talk about how their lives are so empty since reading the books and how the story has made them see how awful the real world is…this is annoying.  Girls, put the books down and get out there…

I should have finished the last book in a month’s time, I wonder how it ends!  I’ve made sure no-one tells me anything!  I take back all my bad words.  So, four years late, the only thing left to decide now is…Team Edward or Team Jacob?  I really can’t choose! …Yet!

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Ok, so I saw their new (I presumed it was new because I have never seen a commercial of their’s before) TV advert and was kind of left in disbelief.  It starts off with a pretty cool background beat, and the images seem to be in sync for the first part…however, when it reaches the blonde waitress (“hold the corn on the cob”), she blurts out lines that really don’t fit to the music and it’s awful.  It sounds like she is trying to speak to the beat…but she fails epically!  (I’m obviously not blaming her; I’m blaming the producers of the commercial and Harvester for paying for a wack advert).  I’m not sure if anyone else has spotted this, but I’d just thought I’d share it with you.  Watch it and see if you agree… 🙂

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