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Transformers – Dark of The Moon.
So, I watched the latest addition to the Transformers films last night and kind of left the cinema with mixed feelings. 
 *Spoiler Alert*
1. I totally missed Megan Fox (I’m a girl btw, so it was obviously for deeper reasons)!  I thought the way they ‘cut’ her out of this new episode was lame!  Only a few words were used to explain how she dumped him and that was that.  It almost ruined the film to be honest!  The new girl was good, but Megan was one of the main characters!  Replacing her was always going to be tough if not impossible!

2. The special effects were great, even better than the previous two, I thought.  Especially the chase scene on the expressway and the falling building scene.  Shockwave was amazing and terrifying!

3. Lastly, there were a few silly, pointless scenes that I felt should have simply been cut out.  For e.g. I didn’t get the whole ‘new job’ thing…why was there so much attention paid to his new role when nothing really relevant came from it?  Also, the scene where his boss came round to look at Bumblebee was a bit bizarre. 

Anyway, it may just be me!  I may have fell asleep in the cinema without knowing, meaning my opinions are invalid.  Message me explaining if you think I’m wrong.  One thing everyone I know agrees with, however, is that Dark of The Moon is not the best of the three films!

Oh, one last thing…Interestingly, the movie touched upon the strangeness of the moon-landing in 1969.  The film offers an explanation to why no man has ever been back there.  Now, unless Autobots really do exist, I guess their reasons are made-up.  This leaves us with that same question… ‘Why haven’t there been any recent moon-landings?’  You would think that as technology has advanced 40 years on, humans would be living there now.  Hmmm….my boyfriend and I don’t think a man has ever landed on the moon (but Shhhhhh….)

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I saw this beautiful  image in a news article a few weeks ago.  I wish I could have been there…or I wish the UK did something similar! (or do we?).

This is the evening of 21st June 2011.  Thousands of Chinese floating lanterns were released into the sky to celebrate the shortest night of the year.  It is known as Midsummer Night or St. John’s Night. 

Let’s hope one didn’t get stuck in a tree!

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.Race for Life.

You may remember form an earlier post that I took part in Race for Life this year.  On Sunday 26th June, I walked (quickly) the 5km (3+ miles) around Walsall Arboretum.  It was one of the best things I have ever been a part of and I really enjoyed it.  I was joined by 4 members of my family and we all ran for my Aunty Jen, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.  She was amongst the 5 of us that day, I’m happy to announce!  She is much better now but continues to fight the battle.

We finished in around 1 hour, speed-walking.  I’m definitely going to train weeks before next year’s event so that I can run all the way, no stopping!  I had no excuse whatsoever not to run; I’m tall and thin but just tragically unfit!  Women all ages and shapes and sizes were breezing past and I did feel a little ashamed that I wasn’t putting in as much effort as they were to finish.  It was an extremely warm day and I am prone to fainting, like a fool; I did not want to embarrass myself (lol).  Anyway, even though I was told numerous times by the volunteers that this “WAS NOT A COMPETITION”, next time I will be doing myself proud for all those affected by cancer!

Whilst walking, I read lots of other women’s stories (pinned to their backs).  There was one story in particular that really touched my heart.  One lady had written ‘I race for life for the unborn child that we sadly lost during my fight with breast cancer’.  The lady’s hair was just beginning to grow back.  A tear came to my eye and I felt for all the other women who were pregnant when they were diagnosed.

I will always raise money and participate in this amazing event for as long as I am able!  This year, I raised £55 by selling CDs of current songs to friends, family and work colleagues.  (I know it wasn’t the most legal of things to do but it was for a very, very good cause!)  I’ll have to see what other cool fundraising ideas I can think of between now and then. 

So, I look forward to running all-the-way-non-stop next year and seeing many more of you girls joining me in the battle against cancer!

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I love the PC game, Sims 2.  I must have spent a shocking number of hours creating mystery people and designing dream houses on there.  I knew that you could record live play of the Sims and save it to your computer but I never realised how cool this feature could be!  On YouTube, I stumbled across lots of short films that people had made using this record feature.  Some of them were amazing!  It must have taken a lifetime to get them just right because as regular players will know – Sims really do have an annoying mind of their own!

I never play without using the Boolprop* cheat, otherwise I would lose my mind trying to control my families!  But judging by the videos below, there are many other fantastic cheats I need to learn (e.g. the blood, beating other Sims up – I know I’m awful!).

Take a look for yourself; the Wuthering Heights movie actually brought a tear to my eye!…

*Cheats I know of:  Boolprop TestingCheatsEnabled true.  And:  boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true


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He’s my Human of The Week because he did me a favour; teaching David Haye a lesson.  Although it wasn’t the knock-out I would have loved, he won on points in every round and was clearly the better fighter. 

Wladimir Klitschko http://www.zimbio.com

I don’t like David Haye.  I think his whole attitude is awful and I’m sorry that he represents English Heavy-Weight boxing.  He’s over-confident and arrogant, he seems to think he’s God’s Gift.  He’s all talk!  The one major challenge in his career and he fails to perform!  He refused to shake Klitschko’s hand all through the build-up.  What kind of a sportsman is he?

“Oh, but he had a broken toe!” I hear him and his fans whining.  OK, your toe was broken…WHY FIGHT THEN!?…Why step into the ring against Wladimir if you are not 100% ready?  Because David Haye has fought others with injuries and won that’s why!  He’s deluded and he over-exaggerated his capabilities.  If he did win this bout, he would have smugly took off his shoe and waved that toe around saying “Ha, I even had a broken toe and I beat you!”  Ugh!.  It’s a bit funny how he only started limping after the fight isn’t it.  He even said he’d had a local anaesthetic injection and so I bet he couldn’t even feel any pain!  Wladimir got it in one; David Haye, you are a “sore loser” and a bad sportsman!  In the interview after the fight, the only word I could hear coming out of his blooded mouth was “But”!  There’s no ‘Buts’ needed. Haye lost because of his arrogance (thinking he was so bad he could fight injured) and the fact that Klitschko is a better fighter!

I hope he doesn’t get the rematch he wanted, he doesn’t deserve one.  It serves him right for going on too big.  Would he have given Wladimir a rematch?  Nope; he would have just ran off and retired with his belts and Wladimir would have had to whistle.  Haye’s career needs to end here. 


Aspiring fighters don’t need this guy as their role model!

Laters, Haye…

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