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Amazing.  I now see why such a fuss is made over this saga.  Sheer and utter brilliance.  I feel like starting from Twilight and re-living Bella and Edward’s journey again – but I have got a life lol.  Over the past few months, my time has been stolen by Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.  I have to say, out of the four, Eclipse was my favourite read.  I thought the tension between the love Bella had for Edward AND Jacob was annoying yet beautifully written (If that makes any sense!).  Breaking Dawn ended the story nicely with a Happy Ending indeed – not that any of them will have an end as such!  I’m so glad I dropped the strange grudge I held with Twilight (I’m not sure why but hearing about it used to make me angry and I’d never even read them!) as they will join the list of my favourite stories.

I hear the author has the 1st twelve chapters of Edward’s version of Twilight, Midnight Sun, available on her website.  I won’t be reading them until she has finally come back and completed the whole thing so that I’m not left hanging in the middle of his story – I bet it’s so romantic and lovely.  After reading the four books cover-to-cover, I am definitely Team Edward.  A lot of people think he’s controlling and too possessive, but I disagree.  I found the relationship between Bella and Edward to be so strong, perfect and sweet and can appreciate why he’s so protective.  I don’t have anything against Jacob – I’m very glad he got his happy ending, I just like Edward better!

So, once again, I am sorry for cussing and turning my nose up at this beautiful, encapsulating story – my opinion has been drastically reversed!  I’m not going to run to Pulp Clothing and buy a top, but I am a Twilight fan.  One thing though – I will NEVER, EVER watch the films.  No way.  They will spoil the true story for me – the story the books tell.  I don’t like the character choice of Edward and will just be angry all the way through it.  My friends also advise me not to as the films don’t do the book justice.  I’ll stay well clear! 

To all the people who forced me into reading the books…Thanks, I would have never picked them up without you and would have gone a whole lifetime without having the pleasure of experiencing this wonderful story.

I’ll now pass the baton:  All of you that are anti-Twilight and haven’t even read one page….pick it up and don’t put it down until half way through…I’ll bet you fly through the second half without any probing!

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