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The other day at Uni, my friends and I were talking about who we thought was the most beautiful woman in the world.  Now I know to say someone is the ‘most’ anything in the world is easily falsifiable unless I’ve met every single human being! (Yes that is a dig at FHM’s yearly rankings as the most beuatiful woman in the world probably lives in a poor country that no-one has heard of…) But anyway, I digress…  I decided without hesitation that the most beautiful woman I know of is Kristen Stewart.  The other girls laughed and couldn’t understand why I hadn’t chosen Beyonce or Megan Fox etc.  But as everyone always says, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I really feel that Kristen’s natural perfection shines beyond anyone else I have seen.

With that, I dedicate my weekly Human award to her beauty…


Perfect x




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My Human Of The Week is Ed Sheeran.  In fact, he is my Human of 2011/12.

This is going to be the shortest post I’ll ever write.  Know why?…Because Ed Sheeran is literally too utterly amazing for words.  He is a lyrical and vocal genius.  No other artist has produced an album (in my eyes) whereby every song featured on it is 100% magnificent.

I’ve written too many words…

Ed Sheeran, you LEGEND!

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He’s my Human of The Week because he did me a favour; teaching David Haye a lesson.  Although it wasn’t the knock-out I would have loved, he won on points in every round and was clearly the better fighter. 

Wladimir Klitschko http://www.zimbio.com

I don’t like David Haye.  I think his whole attitude is awful and I’m sorry that he represents English Heavy-Weight boxing.  He’s over-confident and arrogant, he seems to think he’s God’s Gift.  He’s all talk!  The one major challenge in his career and he fails to perform!  He refused to shake Klitschko’s hand all through the build-up.  What kind of a sportsman is he?

“Oh, but he had a broken toe!” I hear him and his fans whining.  OK, your toe was broken…WHY FIGHT THEN!?…Why step into the ring against Wladimir if you are not 100% ready?  Because David Haye has fought others with injuries and won that’s why!  He’s deluded and he over-exaggerated his capabilities.  If he did win this bout, he would have smugly took off his shoe and waved that toe around saying “Ha, I even had a broken toe and I beat you!”  Ugh!.  It’s a bit funny how he only started limping after the fight isn’t it.  He even said he’d had a local anaesthetic injection and so I bet he couldn’t even feel any pain!  Wladimir got it in one; David Haye, you are a “sore loser” and a bad sportsman!  In the interview after the fight, the only word I could hear coming out of his blooded mouth was “But”!  There’s no ‘Buts’ needed. Haye lost because of his arrogance (thinking he was so bad he could fight injured) and the fact that Klitschko is a better fighter!

I hope he doesn’t get the rematch he wanted, he doesn’t deserve one.  It serves him right for going on too big.  Would he have given Wladimir a rematch?  Nope; he would have just ran off and retired with his belts and Wladimir would have had to whistle.  Haye’s career needs to end here. 


Aspiring fighters don’t need this guy as their role model!

Laters, Haye…

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.HOTW. .Kings Of Leon.

My Humans of the week have to be the mighty KOL.  I am mixed-race and predominantly love Hip-Hop and R&B (in a non-stereotypical type of way)!  However, Kings of Leon have simply taken over and become my favourite music artists in history!


Although I do enjoy a lot of their older, less popular songs, my two current favourites have to be Use Somebody and Pyro.  I think Pyro wins by a few inches!  Rock/Indie usually isn’t my thing and I’m usually more into the likes of Drake, Usher, Lil Wayne…so for these guys to take over me is quite shocking – but in a good way!

So, with that, I’ll leave you with the video of their bestest sound yet (in my eyes/ears)…if you haven’t heard it already…shame on you 🙂

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Jeremy Kyle.  I love him.  However, I cannot decide whether I am proud or ashamed to announce I have spent most of my summer holiday watching his shows.  What the hell – I’m Proud!  He has recently celebrated his 1000th show anniversary and I salute him!  I agree Jeremy is like Marmite-you really do either love or hate him. 

I may be biased but personally I think he is slated too much.  I mean, OK, maybe the odd titter did escape me whilst watching the ‘in-need’ guests rant and rave on stage, but they are all offered quality help at the end of the show.  Help they would never have been able to get their hands on or afford without the show.  I would not know which direction to walk in if I wanted my partner to take a lie-detector test, for example.  Other than the Jeremy Kyle show and Trisha…( Oh and the Police!)…I don’t know who uses them.  Another common request is Paternity testing.  I’m no expert but surely these don’t come cheap.  Hmmm, would I embarrass myself in exchange to learn who my child’s father was?  Erm, no but I can fully understand why guests do!  (I don’t have a child by the way..)

‘Who does that Jeremy Kyle think he is!?’  is the question I have stumbled upon most when Googling him.  Angry writers in forums with names such as ‘WeHateJeremyKyle.com’ want to know the answer.  Surely, the only man right for his job would be someone who ‘has been there.’  Someone who knows what it’s like to have lost everything and truly been at rock bottom?  Well, he has.  He is experienced and so his views are valid.  He knows and understands how life changes for the worst when you suffer an addiction.  He has lost people close to him.  I suppose he has learnt from his mistakes, bettered himself and is now in the position to offer his advice to others.  Some people just don’t want to hear it!

He devotes his days to shelling out help to those that ask for it.  In one article. his show was classed as ‘Human Bear-baiting!’  This angered me as I know many people also consider it to be such.  They’re forgetting that the guests ring the show.  They actually pay to call him.  They are 100% consenting and everything is initiated by them.  How Jeremy Kyle and Co. could be ‘taking advantage’ of these people escapes me.  It is not as if his team and he go out and hunt for ‘prey’.  All guests call the show, knowing full well they have to sit on-stage and declare all.  They do it because they get help.  Jeremy has held a 1000+ shows.  Imagine how many people him and his team must  have helped during the 5 years he’s been on air.  In my eyes, I can only see him improving people’s lives. 

As I admitted before, yes his shows can be hilarious at times.  But I’m laughing at the guests, not Jeremy.  I don’t feel guilty at finding some people’s troubles funny because at the end of the day I’m human.  Many people are disgusted at the way guests seem to be belittled onstage.  Apparently, it’s atrocious how Jeremy speaks to them.  I disagree again.  I believe that if you air your troubles, willingly on TV, you open yourself up to criticism.  I would expect to be laughed at.  That’s the type of world we live in.  Jeremy shows more respect to his guests than they ever show him.  Many are so rude to him that it’s a wonder he is as polite as he is! 

I think most people who’re against Jeremy are simply scared.  It is a relatively new type of chat show and it is beginning to be a very big hit.  People may be frightened because this show actually portrays what life is really like for some people in the UK.  Teenage pregnancy, domestic abuse, addiction.  We see many desperate and depressed people on this show who literally have no-where else to turn.  What does this say about the country we live in?  Is there really no other alternative but to expose all on a chat show to get someone to listen to you?  I’m not sure, but it’s something that Anti-Jeremy people should consider.  I’m sure most of his guests wish there was another way to get help, but until there is, Jeremy and his aftercare team will hopefully continue helping those in need.

And that’s why he’s the Human Of The Week.  And Hey, he really is only being honest!

Jeremy-You Rock!

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Declaring My Love-Doug Hyde

Happy Art

Doug Hyde. A favorite artist of mine and many others. He is the Best Selling, Alive UK artist and that really is an achievement!

Art, to me, is one of the most pleasing pass-times there is and doing it successfully as a career anywhere is hard! Art is renowned for being a bad career choice. It is a struggle to get noticed and whilst trying to do so, money is tight.

Also, there is a common belief that you are only appreciated when dead.  Personally, I don’t think that’s true and Mr. Hyde is an example of otherwise.

If you are yet to discover him, do so now!



I think I know why he and his work are so successful. His art really does make you smile back! Not only are his characters and style of painting heart-warming, in nearly every piece of work someone is smiling! Research has shown that if you are smiled at, by a stranger or someone you know, you are highly likely to smile back. Maybe, just maybe, the same thing is happening around Doug’s canvasses. It may be that you cannot help but smile back at his lovely smiling characters, making you feel happy. If people associate your work with happiness, you’re onto a winner!

I love painting in acrylics. I have done a few personal copies of Doug Hyde’s work and have very much enjoyed creating them. Below are photo’s of canvases I have painted and hung in my living room.

My Neighbourhood Watch

In my living room

Another piece by me

He is an inspiring artist and his work makes me want to get paintbrush to canvas!  I am saving for an original canvas piece of his. I know his work will not stop reaching people across the world, increasing his deserved success. His has recently returned from a tour in Japan which totally sold out. He is loved everywhere!

I will continue to follow this artist and I hope he continues to make everyone smile!  😀

My World-Doug Hyde

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If you have Tight Curly hair, you will know there is near to no help out there for us.  How often should we wash it?  What products should we use?  How do we comb it?  Nobody knew and the majority of us just did ‘what we could’ with it.  For myself and sister, this usually meant scraping it back into a bun before smothering it with gel.  Our hair didn’t grow and so the only option left was to start straightening it.

A few weeks ago, I searched ‘products for mixed-race hair’ and was amazed at the result I finally found.  At first, a list of the usual products popped up.  These included S.Curl and SofnFree.  Products I have tried before and have done nothing but turn my hair into a nice-smelling, greasy mess.  Scrolling down further I found a link to a discussion on curly hair on a blog.  Other curly-haired people were discussing products that did and didn’t work for them.  Reading further into their discussion I saw a repeated link to another site.  I clciked on this link and it may be the best site I ever visit!


This site belongs to an inspirational woman.  Teri LaFlesh.  Click on the above link to learn how to treat curls.  I only wish I’d known of Teri when I was younger!  You will too.  Visiting her site showed me how and where I’d been going wrong all these years.  She has detailed information and tips on how to manage our unique hair.  Instructions given are ideas I have never considered before but work! Teri discovered all of this on her own through years of experimenting.  An example is leaving conditioner in!  On every bottle of conditioner you could get your hands on, it would instruct you to ‘rinse thoroughly’ after use.  Teri suggests otherwise.  Condition your hair generously and do not rinse it out.  Now take your comb and use it to gently untangle knots.  When finished, all excess conditioner will have disappeared.  I tried this, and as Teri said, my curls were left defined, shiny and best of all manageable!

My hair did not grow because of breakage. When I used to comb my hair, quite mercilessly, I could actually hear it snapping. This damage was doing my curls no good and was the reason it always remained short. I have been shown how to eliminate this breakage. No breakage, no damage, longer curls!

Look her up and you will be amazed and pleased at what she has to offer.  From recommended products to a timeline of her personal photos, you will leave her site feeling very educated and grateful.

Teri has the most amazing, long and beautiful curls. She is living proof that her own regimes work. I personally have never seen tight curls so healthy and long. She has helped me understand my curls and them and I have a friendlier relationship. I hope her name and findings spread to many more curly-haired people so that they too can be inspired and helped. Tight curls are beautiful and different. Ditch the straighteners and let’s all go back to natural hair, now that we know what to do with it!

Teri LaFlesh!

…Pass it on!

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