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If you could text someone from your past, out of the blue, who would it be?

Yesterday, I woke up and saw that the date was February the 2nd. I knew this was the birthday of my old best friend. It was her 21st though, a biggie. We hadn’t spoken for years. We were so, so close but had a big fall out in year 10 at school. We both remained at the same school and sixth-form for four more years in total but never spoke to each other.

I missed her. We are both at Uni now and so I haven’t seen her for 2 years. I had an urge to contact her wishing her a Happy 21st. When we were younger we had all these plans of what we were going to do together. I haven’t even had a close friend since. My partner is my best friend now. I don’t know how to explain it but it’s kind of the same as if she’d been an ex-boyfriend who I ‘still loved’ and really missed. So… I tracked her down on Facebook (yuck I had to re-activate but these were desperate times!) which was actually quite difficult. When I found her I had second thoughts. What if she didn’t want to hear from me? What if she told me to get lost and to mind my own business? What if she thought I was a right loser?

But what did I have to lose? I thought. I messaged her saying Happy 21st Birthday and gave my mobile number. She text me earlier today…

Who would you contact and why? What would you say? I’m sure everyone misses someone…

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Ok, so I saw their new (I presumed it was new because I have never seen a commercial of their’s before) TV advert and was kind of left in disbelief.  It starts off with a pretty cool background beat, and the images seem to be in sync for the first part…however, when it reaches the blonde waitress (“hold the corn on the cob”), she blurts out lines that really don’t fit to the music and it’s awful.  It sounds like she is trying to speak to the beat…but she fails epically!  (I’m obviously not blaming her; I’m blaming the producers of the commercial and Harvester for paying for a wack advert).  I’m not sure if anyone else has spotted this, but I’d just thought I’d share it with you.  Watch it and see if you agree… 🙂

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When I was younger, I always wondered this.  The sun is phenomenally powerful in providing heat and light.  The earth is very far away from this star and yet we are lit up perfectly in the daytime.  Surely space should be an even hotter and brighter place with it being closer to the sun?  When I took physics A level, I finally learned the answer.  We can only see light when it bounces off an object and enters our eye.  There are no objects in space, it is a vacuum.  Therefore, when light from the sun passes through to us, it hits nothing, meaning we see no rays.  When the light rays meet Earth, light is reflected off the many objects and surfaces, allowing us to see.  Good times!  (Oh and as for heat, the closer you get to the mighty sun, the hotter it gets).

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…Well…Do they?  I saw a spider run across my lounge earlier.  After jumping on the sofa, whimpering and maybe a scream, I scooped it up in a cup and put it outside.  I do not like killing anything as I feel it is cruel.  An insect should not have to die merely because it is an inconvenience.  I wondered if insects have feelings as we do and if they have hearts.  I googled this question and found that in fact, they do!

Their hearts are very unlike ours, though.  It is more of a tube that runs from one end of their body to the other.  From head to tail, it pumps blood around.  Also unlike us, they do not have blood vessels.  Blood in an insect flows between all spaces in a continuous, circular motion.  The human body is immensely more complicated than that of a smaller being and so these differences explain themselves.

And there you have it.  The question you all wanted to know the answer to ;-).  With thanks to http://whyzz.com

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