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Again, I can’t just choose one Video Of The Week so I’ve narrowed it down to three…

They’re all cat videos I saw on the Rude Tube zoo special the other day.

I’ll warn you of the bad language now.  They are in order of my favourite 🙂

#1 – Stupid Cat Song

I think I’ll Lay down over here, I THINK I’LL LAY DOWN OVER HERE coz I’ve got no freakin’ bills to pay…. Lol too funny!

#2 Cat in The Grass – The Translation

Oh My Days…I thought you was the grass and that!  You’s gots to do that to Craig latar!…

#3 Cat Vs Printer – The Translation

I’ve got a cat which makes these videos even funnier.  They are far from stupid and like every animal, have such unique personalities!  The last two videos were created by the same guy.  He deserves an award coz they’re epic videos with currently nearly 8 million views between them!


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I’m not Glee’s biggest fan but I love what the series stands for.  The Warblers’ version of Teenage Dream by Katie Perry is beautiful and I downloaded it as soon as I heard it.

Klaine (Kurt + Blaine) begins here ❤ Too sweet! ❤


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This week’s Video of The Week has to be awarded to the clever and precise creator of ‘Sean Paul’s Hidden Lyrics’.  I don’t know what Sean Paul says in the majority of his songs.  If only they could be cleared up for me in the same way these were 🙂 …

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I love the PC game, Sims 2.  I must have spent a shocking number of hours creating mystery people and designing dream houses on there.  I knew that you could record live play of the Sims and save it to your computer but I never realised how cool this feature could be!  On YouTube, I stumbled across lots of short films that people had made using this record feature.  Some of them were amazing!  It must have taken a lifetime to get them just right because as regular players will know – Sims really do have an annoying mind of their own!

I never play without using the Boolprop* cheat, otherwise I would lose my mind trying to control my families!  But judging by the videos below, there are many other fantastic cheats I need to learn (e.g. the blood, beating other Sims up – I know I’m awful!).

Take a look for yourself; the Wuthering Heights movie actually brought a tear to my eye!…

*Cheats I know of:  Boolprop TestingCheatsEnabled true.  And:  boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true


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