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Whinge of the week…Insurance for young drivers…

OK, so I’m 21 and I passed my driving test 5 months ago in October 2011.  As I’m at uni I haven’t been able to consider buying a car until now (#savings).  For a first car all I want is a small run-around.  I’ve been looking at 10-12 year old 1.0 litres like a Toyota Yaris or Vauxhall Corsa; I hear they’re pretty cheap to run.  The prices have been between £1,000 and £1,600; thumbs up as far as I’m concerned.

So I find the registration number of one of these cars (the photos on Autotrader) and punch it in with all my other details for an online insurance quote.  I’ve done this with numerous small cars and my cheapest quote has been £3,400; usually more than double the car’s value.  I know this is actually relatively low compared to what my friends paid!  I think it’s so unfair to assume we’re going to be involved in an accident.  To judge us on what the bad few drivers are doing seems outdated and unjustified.  I mean, how do they justify charging £3,400+ for 12 months cover?  According to Admiral (http://www.admiral.com/press-releases/106/shocking-record-of-young-drivers-revealed/) 13% of young drivers have an accident.  So does this mean 87% of us are getting ripped off?  I think yes!  They’re going to steal our entire savings and use it to pay for the minority who drive recklessly.

I think they should take much more individual information into consideration before slapping an extortionate amount of money on the screen!

Hey…I’ve got a brilliant idea….how about I pay the £3,400 to your company now and demand 50% of it back in 12 months if I haven’t crashed?

Oh yeah…but then what would the Directors use to pay for their duck houses?

13% of young drivers crash… But 100% of young drivers are ripped off so that insurance companies can make millions…. Say No More!

PS: Just found a quote for £1950 on an old Toyota Yaris with Insure The Box… For 43% less I may just jump right on it!



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Google images

Yes, I know, I’m whinging again.  Sorry but this HAS to be said.

Girls….You know when you’re UGGs are done, THEY’RE DONE!

When you’re UGGs are LEANING…take them off and place them in the bin.

I know it must be hard, because UGGs are damn expensive, but ladies, please, Leaning UGGs really are a sorry sight….


Lol, I’m sure we’ve all witnessed this.  Whoever made this photo is a legend (found it on Google images)… 🙂

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My Whinge of The Week has to be the amount of group work I’ve recently been assigned in my psychology course.  If I am told by one more person that ‘it is a key skill to learn for the real working world’ I will scream in their face.

Where, Who, What, When, Why, How… in that order…

Where: University of Miss Derrie…like I said, I’d have to kill you if I told you where I attend ;0

Who: Myself, one other ambitious young woman and three others…

What:  Ok, so yet again our latest module is a group-based one.  Yawn.  I’ve had too many of them already and they always end in the same sorry manner…  At first, everyone starts to get on well; being extra polite as it’s usually the first time we’ve all spoken/worked with the members of the randomly-created group.  Usually, at the third meeting (the meeting in which each member is supposed to bring their completed set piece of work) shit starts to go wrong.  One member doesn’t turn up (flu or doctor’s appointment), one person loses their grandmother at the weekend and so couldn’t do the work allocated to them (I wouldn’t mind but it’s usually their 3rd Nan that’s died this semester), one person’s work is utterly unacceptable and wrong and the other two have usually done what they said they would.

So there’s an example of how group work usually starts off at my University.  Little did I know that this latest module would turn out even worse…

When: Last month the group listings were posted and everyone was expected to track down each member and arrange a meeting as usual (there’s over 100 people on my course; 90% girls, 10% boys approx.).  It took my group 2 weeks to get into contact with the last two girls on our list.  The usual lies/excuses/lies were given as to why our numerous emails hadn’t been answered.  We met several times in one week to catch up and as usual, myself and one other girl (Sophie*) were the only ones who did any of the set work.  Myself and Sophie were very annoyed that weeks into the module, none of the others had contributed to a thing!  We would have ‘told the module leader’ but we knew the answer already; “Group work is designed to prepare you for the world of work in which group work is essential and in the real world of work you all have to play nicely and contribute and this is a load of lies because we can’t be bothered to mark your work individually…”  You may have heard this at your own university.

So we get to this week (our deadline is next Friday).  I’m fuming, texting the others polite yet threatening text messages.  I get a reply from Hayley* asking why I’m being so rude.  I tell Hayley (who has contributed to absolutely nothing so far) that I know she’s lying about being in hospital because I saw her in the student bar earlier today.  She called me a swear word and put the phone down.  I then get a call from Rebecca* (who has contributed 3 sentences to the work in for Friday) who asks me why I’m being so controlling and unsympathetic towards Hayley.  I tell Rebecca that Hayley isn’t in hospital like she says which earns me an apology and Hayley a grilling.  Heaven only knows if the other member of our group is still alive.  She’s only been to one meeting and hasn’t replied to any texts/emails…

Why:  I don’t know why.  They probably aren’t pulling their weight because they think Sophie and I will ‘let them off’.  At the end of a group module, all members have to fill out a self-certification form, describing how much each person contributed.  Usually, people are so scared of confrontation that they just lie and state everyone contributed evenly.  I’ve never done that and don’t allow anyone to get a free ride.  The university policy for this seriously needs be re-looked at because it totally isn’t fair!  It can result in some members dragging the group grade down or slackers being awarded for absolutely nothing!  I’ve never allowed that before and certainly won’t now.  Sophie agrees!

How:  We’ve decided to take matters into our own hands.  Sophie and I have deleted the numbers of the other 3.  We’re not going to contact them or reply to any stupid messages they send us.  We shall complete the work to the best of our ability and submit it on Friday.  When it comes to the self-certification sheet…

Me – 47.5%

Sophie – 47.5%

Rebecca – 5%

Hayley 0%

Other girl – 0%


Fair?  Let me know…


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Transformers – Dark of The Moon.
So, I watched the latest addition to the Transformers films last night and kind of left the cinema with mixed feelings. 
 *Spoiler Alert*
1. I totally missed Megan Fox (I’m a girl btw, so it was obviously for deeper reasons)!  I thought the way they ‘cut’ her out of this new episode was lame!  Only a few words were used to explain how she dumped him and that was that.  It almost ruined the film to be honest!  The new girl was good, but Megan was one of the main characters!  Replacing her was always going to be tough if not impossible!

2. The special effects were great, even better than the previous two, I thought.  Especially the chase scene on the expressway and the falling building scene.  Shockwave was amazing and terrifying!

3. Lastly, there were a few silly, pointless scenes that I felt should have simply been cut out.  For e.g. I didn’t get the whole ‘new job’ thing…why was there so much attention paid to his new role when nothing really relevant came from it?  Also, the scene where his boss came round to look at Bumblebee was a bit bizarre. 

Anyway, it may just be me!  I may have fell asleep in the cinema without knowing, meaning my opinions are invalid.  Message me explaining if you think I’m wrong.  One thing everyone I know agrees with, however, is that Dark of The Moon is not the best of the three films!

Oh, one last thing…Interestingly, the movie touched upon the strangeness of the moon-landing in 1969.  The film offers an explanation to why no man has ever been back there.  Now, unless Autobots really do exist, I guess their reasons are made-up.  This leaves us with that same question… ‘Why haven’t there been any recent moon-landings?’  You would think that as technology has advanced 40 years on, humans would be living there now.  Hmmm….my boyfriend and I don’t think a man has ever landed on the moon (but Shhhhhh….)

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To put it politely, I am sick and tired of hearing about the ‘royal wedding’.

Maybe I’m a cow, maybe I’m being nasty and a spoil sport, but I really, really can’t understand why some people, even people I know well, are getting so excited about two strangers marrying!  They mean absolutely nothing more to me than Katie Price or Peter Andre do.  And did I care about their sham of a wedding?…Did I hell!

My neighbour recently bought a brand-new TV to watch this event.  She has bought a whole set of china with the ‘happy couple’s’ face painted on them.  I would never part with my money for such a ridiculous cause.  Not being nasty, but if this wedding is all you have to look forward to in life, something’s wrong.

“Ohhh but she’s a normal girl you see, that’s why we’re so intrigued!” I hear people say.  Erm, normal?  What’s normal about you if you’re hanging in the same crowds as Prince William?  I thought I was normal but I doubt I will ever see him in person in my life.  She is not ‘normal’, she is just ‘non-royal’!

In my opinion, the only good thing about any of the royals is that they bring tourists to the UK.  They don’t do anything else as far as I’m concerned, except use tax-payers’ money to waste on weddings.  If I hear one more person rattle on about how they ‘do a lot for charity’, I will either cry or hit them.  OF COURSE they do a lot for charity; they’re rich without lifting a finger and they haven’t got anything else to do with their lives but do voluntary work and give out money!  Any normal person in the world would be charitable if they were in the same predicament as the royal family were!  Am I wrong?  If so, let me know…

I’m in no way wishing them harm.  Like any couple, I wish them the best in their marriage.  I just don’t see what they have done to be so special, making constant headlines all around the world.  They’re not Gods yet people are as excited as if Jesus is said to return tomorrow!  I’m just sick and tired of reading about it.  When I think of the royals, I think of how England was one of the last countries to give up slavery.  How did the royals help us then?   My Dad is black and thankfully he agrees with me!

Tomorrow, I will not be waking up at 8.30 am to watch live coverage, I will not be wearing a new out-fit and I will not be partying in the street.  The only good thing about this façade is that it’s classed as a bank holiday and so I’ll get double pay tomorrow at work.  Good times!

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What’s there to look forward to when Harry, Ron and Hermione go?…

I’ve heard the last (sniff snivel) Harry Potter film is to be released this summer (Deathly Hallows part 2) and I really don’t want it to come.  It has been the greatest set of stories I have ever read/watched and I’m not looking forward to saying goodbye.  It has been cool because Harry and I have aged together.  When he first got accepted to Hogwarts, I was twelve too and every year we have both been at the same stage in our school lives. 

The books are going to be classics and when I have children, I will make sure they have copies! 

Long live Harry Potter!  We’ll Miss All 3 of You!  I hope the last film is the best yet!

PS (Couldn’t find a shot/clip of Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 – apparently it’s too early…)

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Obtained from Supplyant.com

Honestly, what a waste of my life.  So, Thursday, I shop online and order 3 items of clothing.  I pay for standard delivery, 3-5 days.  I had no University lectures all week so I knew I would be home whenever my parcel arrived.  On Monday at around 5pm, I got bored of waiting and decided to go out for a while.  (By this time, everyone else was back and so it was a full-house).  When I got into the porch, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a little green slip of cardboard, with large H, D, N and L letters on it.  ‘What the-?’  I thought.  I have literally been in the living room all day, I have purposely kept quiet (no music, TV on low volume), just in case of the delivery.  In no way could anyone have rang my doorbell, or flicked my letterbox!  I am not deaf (and neither are my family!) and would most certainly have been aware if someone had made a true attempt to deliver my parcel!  The sneaky so-and-so must have simply been ‘too rushed’ to attempt the delivery and instead silently slipped a ‘SORRY WE MISSED YOU.’ card through my door.  Mad, I called HDNL and informed them of the slacker.  As I thought, they didn’t believe me, insisting we must have misheard the door.  Humph!  Anyway, I was able to rearrange the delivery for the following day; Tuesday.

Tuesday came and at 6pm, I was wondering where this delivery man was.  I kept checking the porch to see if I had mysteriously gone deaf again but there was nothing.  HDNL say they deliver from 7am-7pm and 7pm was approaching!  Mad again, I called HDNL, asking them if they were sure it was coming today… Surprise, Surprise, it wasn’t.  Apparently, there had been a fault with the system, Redelivery had been selected, yet the parcel was marked down as ‘at Depot’.  I was apologised to and asked to go and pick up the parcel from my local depot on Wednesday.  Whatever, I thought.  At least I’ll have it tomorrow…

Wednesday.  More drama!  After finally finding, ‘my local depot’, I got to the desk with my ID and my slip and my blooming reference number…(All the documentation I’d need to go abroad!) and thrust them at the half-dead looking HDNL person.  He grumbled something, disappeared and returned ten minutes later with something else to make me Mad.  ‘I’m sorry but your parcel cannot be found.  It may be that the sticker has fallen off.  A depot search will be carried out tonight.  Searches take 12hrs.  If we do not find it we will have to contact the sender so you can be reimbursed’.  I had to leave before I did or said something I would deeply regret in the jail cell I would be in the next morning. 

Mad, I phoned the depot the next day (having to search Google for this Top Secret info!)  I asked if they had managed to recover the stolen goods, sorry I mean, if they had managed to find my parcel and of course, the answer was NO.  Not once had anybody said sorry.  Nobody cared an ounce.  Mad, I phoned the store from which I bought the items, informed them of my exhausting experience and asked for the items to be sent again, by a different courier! 

I finally got my clothes on Thursday.  Although I didn’t have to wait weeks, the efforts I went to trying to get someone from HDNL to listen to me was painstaking; like getting blood from a stone.  I wouldn’t mind but I thought I was the customer, you know, the important cog in keeping all businesses running?  After a quick Google search, I was relieved to find I was not the only one angry at this delivery company.  They are hated all over the web.  I now know why and I whenever I shop online, I will always call up and ask if they will refrain from using HDNL to send my goods!

HDNL, I hope to never have to displeasure of dealing with you again!

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