Whinge of the week…Insurance for young drivers…

OK, so I’m 21 and I passed my driving test 5 months ago in October 2011.  As I’m at uni I haven’t been able to consider buying a car until now (#savings).  For a first car all I want is a small run-around.  I’ve been looking at 10-12 year old 1.0 litres like a Toyota Yaris or Vauxhall Corsa; I hear they’re pretty cheap to run.  The prices have been between £1,000 and £1,600; thumbs up as far as I’m concerned.

So I find the registration number of one of these cars (the photos on Autotrader) and punch it in with all my other details for an online insurance quote.  I’ve done this with numerous small cars and my cheapest quote has been £3,400; usually more than double the car’s value.  I know this is actually relatively low compared to what my friends paid!  I think it’s so unfair to assume we’re going to be involved in an accident.  To judge us on what the bad few drivers are doing seems outdated and unjustified.  I mean, how do they justify charging £3,400+ for 12 months cover?  According to Admiral (http://www.admiral.com/press-releases/106/shocking-record-of-young-drivers-revealed/) 13% of young drivers have an accident.  So does this mean 87% of us are getting ripped off?  I think yes!  They’re going to steal our entire savings and use it to pay for the minority who drive recklessly.

I think they should take much more individual information into consideration before slapping an extortionate amount of money on the screen!

Hey…I’ve got a brilliant idea….how about I pay the £3,400 to your company now and demand 50% of it back in 12 months if I haven’t crashed?

Oh yeah…but then what would the Directors use to pay for their duck houses?

13% of young drivers crash… But 100% of young drivers are ripped off so that insurance companies can make millions…. Say No More!

PS: Just found a quote for £1950 on an old Toyota Yaris with Insure The Box… For 43% less I may just jump right on it!



Announcement of the week! You may have read that I ordered my dream Soul Momiji doll online last week. Well, the little princess is here and I absolutely love her!

She’s adorable and worth the £15 I paid for her. Her new name is Miss Derrie Junior 😉

Hope you like 🙂

Again, I can’t just choose one Video Of The Week so I’ve narrowed it down to three…

They’re all cat videos I saw on the Rude Tube zoo special the other day.

I’ll warn you of the bad language now.  They are in order of my favourite 🙂

#1 – Stupid Cat Song

I think I’ll Lay down over here, I THINK I’LL LAY DOWN OVER HERE coz I’ve got no freakin’ bills to pay…. Lol too funny!

#2 Cat in The Grass – The Translation

Oh My Days…I thought you was the grass and that!  You’s gots to do that to Craig latar!…

#3 Cat Vs Printer – The Translation

I’ve got a cat which makes these videos even funnier.  They are far from stupid and like every animal, have such unique personalities!  The last two videos were created by the same guy.  He deserves an award coz they’re epic videos with currently nearly 8 million views between them!

My Human Of The Week is Ed Sheeran.  In fact, he is my Human of 2011/12.

This is going to be the shortest post I’ll ever write.  Know why?…Because Ed Sheeran is literally too utterly amazing for words.  He is a lyrical and vocal genius.  No other artist has produced an album (in my eyes) whereby every song featured on it is 100% magnificent.

I’ve written too many words…

Ed Sheeran, you LEGEND!

Song Lyrics Of The Week:

Drake & RihannaTake Care:

…Dealing with a heart that I didn’t break ❤

My take:  This line makes the whole song, I feel.  It’s something I’ve never heard before and it says so much in 8 words.  It must be really hard to trust someone again when you’ve been hurt.  It’s not you’re new partner’s fault what happened to you in the past yet they sometimes feel the wrath of it.  It’s not their fault and we should give them the chance they deserve ❤ wonderful!

Google images

Yes, I know, I’m whinging again.  Sorry but this HAS to be said.

Girls….You know when you’re UGGs are done, THEY’RE DONE!

When you’re UGGs are LEANING…take them off and place them in the bin.

I know it must be hard, because UGGs are damn expensive, but ladies, please, Leaning UGGs really are a sorry sight….


Lol, I’m sure we’ve all witnessed this.  Whoever made this photo is a legend (found it on Google images)… 🙂

.AOTW. .Momiji Dolls.

When I passed my A-level exams my mom bought me flowers and a little message doll.  It was a Momiji Happy Happy Happy doll and underneath, like all others, was a secret slot for a personal message.  It was a wonderful gift and I fell in love with the little oriental doll immediately.

From http://lovemomiji.com

Momiji are handpainted resin message dolls. Turn them upside down…inside every one there’s a tiny folded card for your own secret message.

Spread the love.

All dolls are approx 8cm (3in) tall.

As you’ve probably seen, my avatar is a Momiji Soul Doll.  Out of them all, I think she is the most beautiful.  I’ve always wanted to own one but couldn’t find a seller in the UK.  Well, today I had another quick peek around and I found a few online companies with the green soul doll for sale.  The cheapest I could find was £14.90 (including p+p) which I still think is expensive; but worth it!

I can’t wait for her to arrive.  Her new name will be Miss Derrie and she will live on my desk next to my lap top…so sweet.

I bought her from www.loveithaveit.com, check the other designs out.

Her message is: “Your soul is a good one; I know when it shines in your eyes. I like dexy’s midnight runners.”

I’ll definitely upload pictures upon her arrival 🙂

Momiji Soul Doll

I think I like her so much because she reminds me of Pucca…and I LOVE Pucca!…

Pucca and Garu - Google images