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Declaring My Love-Doug Hyde

Happy Art

Doug Hyde. A favorite artist of mine and many others. He is the Best Selling, Alive UK artist and that really is an achievement!

Art, to me, is one of the most pleasing pass-times there is and doing it successfully as a career anywhere is hard! Art is renowned for being a bad career choice. It is a struggle to get noticed and whilst trying to do so, money is tight.

Also, there is a common belief that you are only appreciated when dead.  Personally, I don’t think that’s true and Mr. Hyde is an example of otherwise.

If you are yet to discover him, do so now!



I think I know why he and his work are so successful. His art really does make you smile back! Not only are his characters and style of painting heart-warming, in nearly every piece of work someone is smiling! Research has shown that if you are smiled at, by a stranger or someone you know, you are highly likely to smile back. Maybe, just maybe, the same thing is happening around Doug’s canvasses. It may be that you cannot help but smile back at his lovely smiling characters, making you feel happy. If people associate your work with happiness, you’re onto a winner!

I love painting in acrylics. I have done a few personal copies of Doug Hyde’s work and have very much enjoyed creating them. Below are photo’s of canvases I have painted and hung in my living room.

My Neighbourhood Watch

In my living room

Another piece by me

He is an inspiring artist and his work makes me want to get paintbrush to canvas!  I am saving for an original canvas piece of his. I know his work will not stop reaching people across the world, increasing his deserved success. His has recently returned from a tour in Japan which totally sold out. He is loved everywhere!

I will continue to follow this artist and I hope he continues to make everyone smile!  😀

My World-Doug Hyde

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