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Woohoo!  So, about 7 years late, I just completed San Andreas for PlayStation2.  Not that I’ve played many games (Sims, other GTAs, Mario and car racing games is about it, lol), but it is the best game I have ever played in my life; I’m 20.  I know, really I do, how embarrassingly late this is for me to realise, but this GTA is the bomb!  Guiding Carl through the missions to avenge his mother’s death strangely helped me to unwind and have great fun!  Yes, I used endless cheats for my weapons and health but I would not have got through if I didn’t.  Many of you may be ashamed at this, but hey, live and let live.  I’m a girl and I’m not too good at PS2 games without cheating. 

My boyfriend has completed the latest GTA for PS3 and that game also seems great.  I feel like buying my own PlayStation3 just so I can play and complete it too.  My bf gave me his old PS2 and I only use it to play Grand Theft Auto!  I am an addict and am about start S.A from scratch because I enjoyed it so much!  My favourite missions have to be the last one, ‘End of the Road’ (I was so glad to finally see Tenpenny dead!) and the one where I had to fly to Liberty City to cause problems in a Bistro.  It was really cool to be able to fly to another ‘land’, one that I had previously explored in GTA Liberty City Stories for PSP. 

I think I love these games so much because it really does allow you to run away to another world and leave your own life behind for a few hours.  The endless detail of the locations, endless places to explore, people to bump into and missions to complete really does provide you with loads to do.  It feels like you’re really there.  And the fact that most of the islands are based on real places in America makes ‘sight-spotting’ fun too!  The radio stations have me singing along while I’m driving from place to place.  I think the best music has to be in Vice City – seriously, I downloaded nearly all the songs from the game!  Vice City also plays the funniest song I think I’ve ever heard.  It’s called Japanese Boy by Aneka and the lyrics go a little something like, ‘Was it something I said? Or done?  That made him pack his bags up and run?’  Lol.  Honestly, I haven’t heard anything like it; there’s a link below.

There has been talk of real simulation games taking over in the future.  Imagine being able to personally and physically enter a GTA game and live out your own story.  Holding the guns, grenades and rocket launchers in your hands, having to run, drive and swim yourself.  Would it still be funny to run over the pedestrians if it was you behind the wheel?  Whoa, I don’t know.  In psychology, we talk about how violent games affect the potential of a game-player to be violent.  It is supposedly OK for us to kill people in games and not be violent in real-life because we know games aren’t real.  We are usually acting through a middle character; Carl in this case.  I wonder though, would we be able to make this distinction (of what is not real and what is) if we were the protagonist in the game?  I’m not sure we would.  As cartoon-like as GTA can be, how much scarier would missions be if it was us that had to do the killing, chasing and kidnapping? 

My Second Home



Even so, I think if it was safe I would love nothing more than to put on my special glasses and enter a GTA city.  As lonely as it may be, I think I’d really enjoy exploring and simply getting away from the real world for a bit.  So, if you ever happen to stumble across my page, brainy game scientists, there is at least one girl who’s waiting for you to invent safe simulating games.  Until then, I will continue to enjoy the GTAs at PSP and PS2 level and I’m not complaining about that at all; they’re great, however late I may be!

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