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…Well…Do they?  I saw a spider run across my lounge earlier.  After jumping on the sofa, whimpering and maybe a scream, I scooped it up in a cup and put it outside.  I do not like killing anything as I feel it is cruel.  An insect should not have to die merely because it is an inconvenience.  I wondered if insects have feelings as we do and if they have hearts.  I googled this question and found that in fact, they do!

Their hearts are very unlike ours, though.  It is more of a tube that runs from one end of their body to the other.  From head to tail, it pumps blood around.  Also unlike us, they do not have blood vessels.  Blood in an insect flows between all spaces in a continuous, circular motion.  The human body is immensely more complicated than that of a smaller being and so these differences explain themselves.

And there you have it.  The question you all wanted to know the answer to ;-).  With thanks to http://whyzz.com

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