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Parka in khaki BD5, Parka, N/A 

  This week’s Must-Have is a coat I have fallen in love with.  A Paul’s Boutique Parka.  A Christmas present from my wonderful boyfriend.  The one I have is, in my opinion, the best design they have in this coat.  They have Parkas available in khaki, black or blue.  I personally think Green is the best colour for parker coats.  On the Official Paul’s Boutique website, they have different designs which are available in each of the colours, (subject to availability!).  When I say ‘design’, I mean the large motifs on the sleeves and back differ.  I own the khaki BD005 design.  I love the cherries on each arm and the large motif on the back matches the motif on my PB bag. 😀 

After wearing in it on some of the cruellest cold days this week, I can proudly say, it has kept me perfectly warm!  The sleeves have an elastic cuff inside which prevents drafts, there are 3 different sets of pockets to hide your hands in and the hood!…The hood is to die for.  I couldn’t even hear my boyfriend talking to me when I had that up!  It is a pricey piece of outerwear at £141 (I know a random number…damn you VAT increase!) but its quality makes it money very well spent!

Let me know what you think…

Photos taken from Paul’s Boutique Official Website.

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