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Unsurprisingly, my Must-Have of The Week is a Blackberry!

Blackberry Curve


Until now, I had always been behind when it came to the latest phone technology.  Throughout my teenage years, (I am now 20), I just had cool but affordable handsets and was always on pay-as-you-go.  Last year, my Mom, (yes, my Mother is more trendy than I am!), got a free upgrade on her contract plan and decided to go for the Blackberry Curve.  She fell in love with it instantly and I could see why!  I’d heard a lot about these new ‘down-with-the-kids’ smartphones and now even my Mom had one!


I remember the time when Blackberries were crazily expensive and were only bought and used by people in business.  They’ve now been perfectly modified and made ultra-cool and I wanted one of my own.

I would have rushed out and got one immediately but I still had a few points to consider.  For example, should I buy a phone just to follow the trend?  Was I just following the trend?  Do I want to switch from PAYG to contract?  I’m in part-time work at the moment alongside University and so I need to be sure I will always be able to pay my bill.  After all, no-one wants the bailiffs knocking!  I had to think about these points before I signed on the dotted line.

A few months later, when shopping in Birmingham, my boyfriend and I popped into Starbuck’s.  I remember looking around at people’s tables whilst in the queue.  I could see Blackberries everywhere!

“Right!” I said to him, half shouting.  “As soon as we’ve finished our Strawberries and cream Frappucinos, we’re going to find a mobile phone shop!”

I got the chance to witness the vulture-like qualities of the ‘T-mobile assistants’.  As soon as we walked through the door I was jumped on.  “Give me a chance!”  I thought.  Anyway, I asked an excessive amount of questions, sought reassurance from my partner and then signed up for an 18 month contract.  It was actually quite a scary experience.  Whilst my new ‘baby’ was being wrapped up, an African man could be heard speaking in a very angry tone to another sales assistant.  The conversation went a little like this:

Assistant:  “As I’ve just explained, Sir, you cannot just cancel your contract.  This would have been made clear at the time of purchase.  I’m afraid you will either have to pay the remaining balance of £317.25*, or continue with the monthly payments.”

Man:  “No, No, NO!  I do not want this phone anymore and I will not pay for minutes I won’t use!”

Assistant:  “Well, Sir, you have signed up to this contract and will have agreed to our terms and conditions…”

Man:  “No!  You are all liars and thieves and I will not pay you another penny!”

I watched the man storm out of the store.  I gulped but then smiled as I was handed my pink T-mobile bag.

I have had this phone for five months now and I really am in love with it.  It’s obviously the best phone I had ever owned and I have not a single regret of switching to contract.  (As of yet.)  Research In Motion must have made a real killing with the Curve, which is the one I opted to go for.  It’s got everything I could ever need and more.  Receiving my emails straight to it is handy, except when it’s Ebay or Amazon!  The camera is surprisingly good and the choice of Apps means I’m never bored.  It’s qwerty keyboard is easy to use and makes texting quick, especially if you already good with computer typing.

Another great aspect of the phone is of course, Blackberry Messenger!  BBM seems to top everything off nicely.  Everyone I know either has or wants one.  Their adopted name ‘crackberry’ is beautifully fitting as I’m very much addicted to mine!


 I would advise anyone who is thinking of purchasing one to go for it!  I doubt you’ll have any regrets.    The new models are also taking the market by storm and I can only look forward to what they’ll have to offer when my upgrade time arrives!

RIM, thumbs up!

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