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For years, I have cussed and turned my nose up at the Twilight saga.  Those who read the books annoyed me and I had no time to listen to their whining over Edward and Jacob.  A few weeks ago, my friend asked me if I wanted to watch the latest film with her on DVD and my reply was ‘Hell no’!  She asked me why I hated Twilight so much and I actually didn’t have an answer.  This shocked me – why did this line of books annoy me so much?  Where had the hate derived from?  I couldn’t remember.  I knew that I did hate the women who walked around in the T-shirts and read the book over and over again and cried at it because ‘they will never meet a guy like Edward in their life’ but I’ll get on to them later. 

Anyway, my friend rightly said, I should not cuss something I have never read or watched and I agreed.  I stole my mom’s copy of Twilight, opened it and closed it, finished in a week.  It was a great read.  It was a great story and I was hooked immediately.  It really tugged at my heartstrings and all the way through I felt so excited for Bella.  I do think every girl would like to be loved as Edward loves Bella.  My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy for getting sucked into it lol.

I am now on book 3, Eclipse.  I read New Moon as quickly as the 1st.  It was also great.  Stephanie Meyer, I am sorry for slating your fantastic romantic tale.  I don’t even want to watch the films because I don’t want to spoil my take on the book (if that makes sense).  For example, the Edward I picture does not look like Robert Pattinson.  No offense to him.  From now on I will try not to be so pre-judging and I will always try something before I voice such strong opinions. 

However, the women and girls who take Twilight to extremes really do need to return the real world and get a life.  There are actually very nice guys out there that will love and treat you like a princess.  But Twilight is a story – a fictional one.  Life is up and down and so are relationships.  I love my boyfriend and have been with him for 6 years.  Our relationship is not like Bella and Edward’s but I love him as much as Bella loves Edward.    I’m only saying this because there are endless forums for women to talk about how their lives are so empty since reading the books and how the story has made them see how awful the real world is…this is annoying.  Girls, put the books down and get out there…

I should have finished the last book in a month’s time, I wonder how it ends!  I’ve made sure no-one tells me anything!  I take back all my bad words.  So, four years late, the only thing left to decide now is…Team Edward or Team Jacob?  I really can’t choose! …Yet!

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