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I don’t like Xfactor anymore. 

I think it’s beginning to wear very thin and now has many enemies.  Xfactor just want our money and how fun it would be if everybody turned their backs on the show and refused to pay to vote!  I, myself have never voted and don’t think I ever would unless I personally knew a contestant. (And wanted this contestant that I knew to win!)

I loved the way Dudley and Wolverhampton arranged the ‘Wagner To Win’ campaigns!  Without their cunning help he probably wouldn’t have remained in the competition for half as long!  It just goes to show that if you’ve got enough members of the public alongside you, anything can happen!

All that said, this year I hope Matt wins!  I think he has a great voice and would fit into the market very well… 

 Yes, Matt to win but like I said, I won’t be voting for him. (Sorry Matt…)

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