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Image of The Week…

Love them. I look at them more than I wear them though. Bought from New Look 🙂 My Favs ❤


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Image Of The Week…

Converse Trainer Nails… My next challenge 🙂 Love them Nancy (:


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My Image of The Week…

I couldn’t choose one so I’ll have to share the award equally…

Google images

Lol look at the weapons.  That guy WILL be sorry…DEAD sorry.


This is too true.  If only my mom could be watching me all the time when I’m supposed to be studying…I’d be a straight A* student, no doubt!

And lastly…

Google images

Teenagers and their hairstyles!  I don’t think I had bad hair when I was a teen (mainly because I just put it in a pony or a bun) but looking back at my hair as a young child is painful lol…

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My Disney Pixar's UP Paradise Falls

I love Art and often paint canvases. This week’s canvas was of Paradise Falls.

Disney Pixar’s UP is my all-time favourite film. It makes me cry every single time. It’s amazingly sweet and holds so many hidden messages. I’d never painted anything from UP before and decided to create my own Fireplace murial of the wonderful cliff in South America that Ellie and Carl wished to live. It now hangs on my chimney breast. I look up every morning at it and think ‘One day…’

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I saw this beautiful  image in a news article a few weeks ago.  I wish I could have been there…or I wish the UK did something similar! (or do we?).

This is the evening of 21st June 2011.  Thousands of Chinese floating lanterns were released into the sky to celebrate the shortest night of the year.  It is known as Midsummer Night or St. John’s Night. 

Let’s hope one didn’t get stuck in a tree!

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.IOTW. .Winter, She’s here!.

Driving to the local park

A frosty afternoon at the park 🙂

(I hope you notice the snowfall on my blog too…)

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…It’s Pucca.  She’s adorable!

 She is lovely, her mini movies are cute and her merchandise just cheers me up!  I salute her creator! 

 She is now owned by Walt Disney!

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