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…OK, so what am I winging about this week?  It can only be, FACEBOOK.  A scary number of people around me are on it.  And they are on it every day!  It takes up their life.  They rush home to log into their accounts and poke people they have just been sitting in a coffee shop with.  It has got to the point where my friends actually take photos just to later upload onto the site!  I have had enough of this nonsense and have finally seen sense.  The relationship between myself and that blood-sucking website has ceased to an end…

I know that before FB came along, Bebo and MySpace were ruling the net and yes, I was on those too.  However, I feel that there was a huge difference between them and the now dominating social networking site and can’t believe they got left behind.  I mean, for a start, the interface of facebook is utterly boring and there is almost nothing you can do to personalise your profile page.  At least with Bebo & MySpace you had music and colour and ‘skins’ to play around with? At least you had something to do on these sites; something to pass the time?  The only thing that I found myself doing on FB was looking at photos of people I despise!  There isn’t much else to do on there, really.

I found this interesting image on Google and thought it was very accurate.  Be honest, when on the site, you do spend a lot of time looking at or for people you hate.  I know I did.  We do this because we’re curious of what they’re up to.  Or it may be to do some ‘digging.’  Gossip on someone you dislike is always that more juicy!  People slap anything on facebook and the majority have their privacy settings to a minimal, usually without knowing.  I must say I have learned a lot of things from people’s facebook status’.  The frightening thing is they have no idea how informed I now am thanks to what they’ve posted!

One of the silliest things about the site is the fact people spend most of the time communicating to their best friends or people they see every day on it.  Hmmm, here was me thinking Facebook was for ‘keeping in touch with old college friends or family in other countries.  Surely you don’t need to post a comment on ‘Jade’s’ wall about the  fantastic time you had with her earlier?  Surely she already knows?  And I’m sure you have her mobile number?  Ohh, but yes.  Of course.  It’s not for Jade’s benefit is it?  It’s for the benefit of your’s and ‘Jade’s’ 500+ friends to read.  Isn’t that what Facebook is essentially for?  Rubbing it in everyone else’s face on how amazing and brilliant your life is and how you’re alllwayys in the club and how you are just like totally everywhere and alllways having fun?!  This is why I deactivated

Only seven people in your life, who are not family, care about you!   Seven if you’re lucky!  Everyone else will take you with a pinch of salt and will never ever really be there when you need someone.  We should all know this by now.  It amazed me that the minimum number of friends I’ve seen a facebooker have is 105.  (I am ashamed to say I had more than this!)  I think it’s safe to say that nobody on Earth has 100+ friends!  Friends being the key word.  70% of all of those people would stab you in the back if they had the chance and have only added you to be nosey and to make themselves look popular and cool.  Am I wrong?

Oh yes, I may be seen as a loser for not being signed up to it.  People may even joke that it is because I have no friends.  I could not care less!  I really do have better things to do.  I no longer procrastinate and all my Uni work is completed and handed in with time to spare.  Since deactivating, I haven’t felt fresher.  Gone are the days of ‘Randomers from the far East’ wanting to be my friend.  Gone are the days of me having to read the pathetic, childish arguments of ‘fb enemies’.  And Gone are the days of the world knowing my business!

Goodbye Facebook.  Who will join me?

(P.S.)  There is one thing I will miss, though.  Liking the hilariously named groups and pages.  But enough is enough!  🙂

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